Hygiene guidelines

For the health and safety of others –
    • Do not use the pool if you have had diarrhoea in the past two weeks.
    • Close fitting costumes must be worn at all times.
    • Before entering the pool, use the toilet and the shower (using soap).
    • Avoid swallowing or putting pool water in your mouth.
  • Trying on swimming costumes when purchasing must be done over the top of your own costume or under garments.
Non toilet trained infants –
    • Must wear swimmers with water proof tight fitting pants over them (aqua nappies are suggested and both disposable and re-usable types are available at the swim shop).
    • Should be taken to the toilet frequently.
    • Should have their water activities restricted to the toddlers pool if possible.
    • Under no circumstances should regular nappies be worn while swimming.
    • Nappies should be changed in the change rooms and not at the pool side.
    • The child should be washed thoroughly and the carer should wash their hands immediately afterward.
  • Soiled nappies should be disposed of in the bins provided in the bathroom/change areas.