Mosman Swim Centre Privacy Policy

At the Mosman Swim Centre we understand the importance of respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our customers and visitors both at our Centre or via our website. This statement sets out our policy for dealing with personal information: it explains what types of information we collect, how we use that information, to whom we may disclose it and how you can contact us if you have any questions about this policy.The types of personal information we collect from you will depend on how you use the Centre or the Web site. Irrespective of the nature of the information that you provide to us, you can be certain that we will handle it confidentially and only use or disclose such information in ways that are explained in this statement or where we are required to use or disclose the information by law. It is our policy not to sell personal information to external organisations.

If you send us an e-mail

Should you send us an e-mail containing personal information we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality of that information. The content of e-mails is sometimes monitored by our Internet Host for maintenance and fault detection purposes. We may also monitor emails for legal compliance purposes.

Disclosure of information about you to a third party

Although such situations are rare, you should be aware that we may disclose your personal information to third parties in any of the following circumstances:

  • where an investigation of fraud or unlawful activity has been or is being conducted by us and the information is disclosed to the relevant persons or authorities; or
  • where the disclosure is required or authorised by law; or
  • where we believe that the disclosure is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency or an agency responsible for national security in the performance of its functions; or
  • for the preparation for or the conduct of legal proceedings or for the implementation of the orders of a court of tribunal.

How to gain access to information that we hold about you

If you ask us to, we will provide you with access to any information that we have collected about you through becoming a member of the Mosman Swim Centre. To gain access to this information you should contact us on telephone 02 9969 3888. If you believe any of the information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us and we will review the relevant information.