Mosman Swim Centre under new management

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Dear Mosman Swim Centre Patrons, 

We are excited to announce that from Monday 24th February, BlueFit has taken over the management of the Mosman Swim Centre.

In almost all cases, it will be a case of ‘business as usual’ for members and users.

  • There is little change to the Mosman staff

  • Learn to Swim class times and instructors remain

  • Opening hours of the facility stay the same

  • Your remaining visits on your visit pass are still valid

  • All membership data remains in the same customer management system and will continue as normal in terms of price and frequency.

It is important for you to know, there is nothing for you to do in this transfer. Simply continue to use the facility for your health and fitness needs.

It is appreciated that the members and users of Mosman Swim Centre would have questions regarding this transition, so a series of FAQs have been developed. See below for more detail. 

We look forward to seeing all users next week and building a great connection with the community.

Todd McHardy,

Founder and CEO


Frequently Asked Questions

BlueFit is a leisure facility management specialist, which operates approximately 35 facilities across Australia. BlueFit promotes a family culture and commitment towards its motto of ‘Inspiring Community Activity’. Website:

Apart from new branding and signage, members and users will not see any discernible change from 24th February. All existing programs and timetables will remain in place. Over time BlueFit may implement enhancements to the current offer, and this would be communicated directly with members and users.

All existing fees and charges will remain the same. Council must approve any annual changes to the fees.

Yes, your access remains active continuously through this transition.

BlueFit will be contacting all existing user groups of the Mosman directly, again with the expectation of ‘business as usual’.

We will maintain the website of , and this will soon update to include an enquiry form. Please feel free to drop by and ask our friendly staff also


What's on Today

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  • AquaWednesday, 8:15 AM - 9:00 AMBook Now

Opening Times

5AM – 8PM
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