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Who is Leisure Employment Australia (LEA)?

Leisure Employment Australia (LEA) is an employment company and created in 2016.

At LEA, we are devoted to upskilling individuals through traineeships within the Sport and Recreation industry, while providing cost-effective and flexible staffing solutions for many Aquatic and Leisure centres along the east coast of Australia.

Why enrol in their traineeships?

Traineeships offer students an alternate pathway into a career that they are passionate about. They also then create a positive relationship and win-win situation for host employers, RTO’s, schools and students.

Traineeships are supported by Federal and State governments who invest in a range of support and funding into ensuring the success of traineeships Australia wide.

Our New South Wales program involves the following:

LEA currently has the largest School Based Traineeship in NSW, with over 80 students undertaking traineeships across different sites of employment.

  • 2-year program
  • Fully funded training
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • Block release training in the year 11 holidays to avoid any interruption to school and HSC studies.
  • Main roles: Lifeguard and swim teacher
  • Minimum of 100 days of work (out of school hours)
  • Part-time employment benefits
  • Ongoing support and welfare
  • Social nights

To learn more about LEA visit their website and get in touch!


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