Our programs are designed to support swimmers through every stage of their aquatic journey. Experience shows us that results orientated instruction is most effective for progression in the water. For this reason, our structured programs focus on water safety and technique, setting clear goals to help each swimmer advance.

Infant Aquatics – 6 months – 2.5 years

  • Introduce your child to the water, and instil water confidence in a structured and safe environment.
  • Parent and baby class (8 per group)
  • Water familiarisation builds confidence and water safety skills such as breathing, paddling and floating.
  • Happy environment with songs, colour and repetitive activity to maximise learning.

Preschool Aquatics – 2.5 years – 5 years

Preschool classes develop water awareness, teach basic survival skills and begin independent swimming.

  • 4 children per class (parent not required in water)
  • Activities include breath control, floating, propulsion and submersion.
  • Increased development of water survival skills and independence.

School Age Aquatics – 5 years+

Entry classes focus on water confidence, basic survival skills and independent swimming.

  • Entry level School Age – 5 children per class.
  • Higher level School Age – 6 children per class.
  • No previous swimming required.
  • As children progress we focus on correct stroke technique, endurance and progression.

Special Needs Aquatics – All ages

Our caring team is qualified to deliver aquatic programs that service a diverse range of customers. We are confident instructing:

  • All abilities and ages.
  • Diverse cultures and languages.
  • Chronic conditions and rehabilitation.

Personal Sessions

Available for all ages, personal sessions offer one-on-one or two-on-one instruction for maximised attention and learning.

Adult Swim & Aquatic Programs

Whether it is sport specific training, stroke improvement, squad or personal sessions, programs are available to ensure your requirements are met.