Important: First BlueFit Swimming Debit Tomorrow

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A reminder to all families that BlueFit Swimming direct debit fortnightly, every second Friday, and this starts tomorrow, 28th February 2020. The system charges only for the lessons in the following fortnight, which is generally two, however, sometimes less, due to public holidays and other closures.

The fees have been calculated using the existing monthly charges. This ensures we charge the same per class fee that you were previously paying. A table is listed below of the new fortnightly fees.

Membership Type Previous Monthly Fee New Fortnightly Fee
Infant Aquatics
School Age
Mini Squad
Junior Target (Max. 2 lessons per week)
Target (Max. 3 lessons per week)
Senior Target (Max. 4 sessions per week)
Teen Health & Fit (Max. 2 sessions per week)
Junior Development Squad (Required 3 session per week)
Bronze Transition Squad (Required 4 sessions per week)
Bronze Squad (Required 5 sessions per week)

In every transition, there will be minor issues. Please let us know directly if you feel you have been charged incorrectly and we will attend to this straight away.

A note that all students enrolled on Fridays and Saturdays, you will receive one lesson credit tomorrow due to February fees already being charged by EzySwim.

As mentioned in last week’s correspondence, the other change is the discount structure. Please refer to the table here for the BlueFit Swimming discounts. Some families may lose out slightly, however, many families will receive a benefit.

If you have any questions or comments on your fee structure, please email


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