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Dear swim school families,

We are excited to announce that BlueFit has taken over the management of the Mosman Swim Centre including the operation of the swim school. 
We have worked with the Ezyswim team to ensure a seamless transition and this includes the retention of existing staff. It is important to note that when you attend your lesson next week you will continue to have the same teacher that your child is comfortable with.  

Below is a range of information about this change and your lessons. Importantly, there is nothing you need to do for this transition. You will see the team in different uniforms, new facility signage and the level names will change, however, it is very much business as usual.

We’re excited by the change and look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks! 

New level names & structure
You will remain in exactly the same classes however the level names will change. Click here to view the level conversion between your current program and BlueFit Swimming. You will notice the structure of our program is slightly different. 

Change in payment frequency
The price of swimming lessons will remain the same however we will be moving to a fortnightly payment frequency with the first debit taking place on Friday 28th February. To view our debit calendar please click here.
As you have already paid for February, students on Friday and Saturday will be charged just one lesson on the first debit. BlueFit Swimming have a very simple system of debiting fortnightly in advance on a Friday for only the lessons that are scheduled

New discount structure
Our discount structure is slightly different from what you were used to.  Below is a link to the discounts that will be applicable to your lessons. Click here for more information about our class discounts

New parent portal
You will receive a separate email this week giving you access to the updated parent portal. The process for marking an absence, booking your make up and checking level progression will remain the same however you will notice a newer customer friendly layout. 

Update to makeup policy
BlueFit Swimming offers the ability to do 1 make up lessons per calendar month provided you have marked an absence in the parent portal. Students will be able to mark themselves absent up to 14 days before and 2 hours prior to their lesson via the parent portal. Makeup lessons can be booked up to 7 days in advance of the lesson day. For customers with outstanding makeup lessons, you will have until 31st March to use your previous makeups owing. Please see reception to book these in. For further details about our make up lessons and other class policies.

Holiday period & public holidays
Like Ezyswim, the BlueFit Swimming program continues throughout the year, swimming through the School Holidays. Classes do not run on Public Holidays and we have a short break over Christmas and New Year.  This year the last day of lessons is 21st December 2020 and students will return on 4th January 2021, however, we understand there may be some scheduled facility work next summer that might impact this. To see the current 2020 Swim School Calendar click here We will keep you informed of any changes

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueFit Swimming is located in 23 swim schools across Australia. To find out more about us please visit www.bluefitswimming.com.au

All teachers are remaining through the changeover, which is a fantastic outcome for the program and ensures your child has continuity with their lessons. 

lueFit offers the opportunity for your children to come and practice their swimming skills outside of their scheduled lesson time. Upon presentation of the BlueFit Swimming entry card, children can enter the facility with a full fee-paying adult.

Children under 6 years of age: A parent or guardian is free with the child, the parent MUST be in the water with the child.

Children from 6 years of age: A parent or guardian pay entry and MUST be in the centre with the child (they can be a spectator).

No, everything remains the same. Through March we will distrubte BlueFit Swimming studnets cards to scan for entry. Once you have scanned in, you will be given a coloured token. Before your child enters the lesson, they can then place the token in the corresponding box in front of your lesson area. In the first few weeks, this will be the same area you are used to, however, it may change as we shift classes around slightly. Lane maps will be available at reception. Students are required to have a guardian with them to enter the facility.

We assess all children in the program every 4-6 weeks in their class. We continually monitor all children’s progress in conjunction with their swim teacher. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please speak to the Pool Deck Coordinators who are always on duty. It is the Pool Deck Coordinators role to provide customer service and feedback on program participants. As you can appreciate, our swim instructors need to focus on their class at all times!

Students will be able to mark themselves absent up to 14 days before and 2 hours prior to their lesson via the parent portal.  Students have 1 make up lesson per calendar month per booking. Makeup lessons are not transferable or refundable. All class management is done through the parent portal. 


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